What do you use for inspiration?

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Today, I had one of my FAVORITE monthly events, Stamp-a-Stack. At this event, stampers pay $20 to make 20 cards! What a deal! If you go to most stores, cards will run $3-$5 for ONE card. We had a great time today with our stamping marathon and stampers left with a stack of cards and a SMILE on their faces.

One thing I love about this event is the opportunity to create very freely. I focus on making cards that can be recreated rather quickly while still having some pop.

I am a HUGE fan of the PaperCrafts magazine. I used it for inspiration for today's cards. I scanned the current issue for ideas of layouts. I loved combining items from my own stash with fabulous Stampin' Up! products.

Two of the projects used diecuts from The Big Shot! I loved cranking out WAY too many butterflies and branches for two different cards. I think my stampers LOVE all of the extra diecuts as they usually get to leave with a clear envelope of extras to take home and use to create.

Remember...cardmaking can be simple and quick. The results are amazing and the recipient will LOVE it!

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A GREAT Day of Etching Glass at The Mecca

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Today, was the exciting Glass Etching Class! We had a full house at The Mecca with 8 stampers. Each person had the opportunity to made a large, glass candle holder and an etched mirror. This mirror was made by a new meetup member, Geddar. She was such a pleasure to meet and craft with and she made a gorgeous etched mirror.

Amalia made her candle holder using a foam stamped image. She coated her piece in etching creme to give it a frosted look. Gorgeous!

This is another picture of Amalia's candle holder.
Geddar created this candle holder using a stencil from Stampin' Up!

This is Bo...he wanted to craft but was afraid to get Etching Creme in his new haircut.

Geddar is watching Eileen and she poses with her work of art.

Welcome Geddar to our fabulous group! I loved chatting with you and getting to know you. Can't wait to see you again!

This is me posing with Corris' etched candle holder. She did a freehand floral technique. So pretty!

Amalia coated her piece in Etching Creme. It looked like she was putting icing on a cake...not the most delicious frosting.

Eileen made a beautiful piece of glass. I love the stencil and the bling. I bet this will look gorgeous lit up with a soft candle.

Melissa is SO talented. She used a delicate, detailed stencil to create this simple and fresh candle holder. It features bird, branches and BLING!

Another view of Melissa's work of art.

This is Melissa's etched mirror. For some reason, I didn't take a picture of Corris' but they used the same stamp set. Both mirrors turned out simply beautiful!

Eileen used flowers, vines and swirls to create her etched mirror. I love the delicate addition of bling.
"Ballet" Melissa did one simple butterfly trimmed in bling. I love the simple look of this...very Spring looking. Nice job!

Jenny B. LOVES butterflies and it shows on her etched mirror. LOVE IT!

I really love the elegance of Amalia's etched mirror. Simple, fresh, stunning!

I always love what Ballet Melissa creates. Gorgeous use of the bling and the stamp...it really makes a statement.

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Glass Etching with Stamps, Stencils and the BIG SHOT

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My sister, Hilary, once taught a class on Glass Etching. I was so intrigued but only recently did I give it a try! One of my directs and dear friends, Jenny B, requested this class and I was thrilled. Her timing was so funny because I had already planned to add it to my list of Spring Classes!
I purchased the Etching Cream at Michaels and it tends to be expensive! I bought two jars--each was about $35 but take a coupon! The coupon certainly helped and can be found on their website and often in leading crafting magazines.
This piece first started as a plain and very inexpensive circle mirror. I used some clear stamps as well as a retired set from Stampin' Up! to make this. I simply stamped each image in Versamark and clear embossed them. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FIRST USE THE EMBOSSING BUDDY! Once everything was heated and set, I slathered on the Etching Cream. Brace yourself...it stinks! :) After five minutes, rinse with warm water and scrape off the embossed images. I used my finger nail--it was easy under the warm water.

This was done using a stencil from Stampin' Up! I taped down the stencil and globbed on the Etching Cream. Let it sit for five minutes and then rinse! Easy!
Tomorrow (for our class) I plan to also use my BIG SHOT to make some stencils for my fabulous stampers. This way, everyone can customize their projects and take some stencils home.

I added some bling to the first piece. My plan is to add ribbon to hang this up. I want to check with Marty about the best way to add the ribbon in the back before I do it. I have a French vibe in the Mecca so I thought this would be perfect on the wall!

Here is a picture of the two pieces together! I am so thrilled with them. I still feel that they are both works in progress. My friends laugh but I often start a 3D piece and then have to sleep on it. The day always works best to finish them. If you love these, PLEASE leave a comment on my blog! Thanks and have a great crafty weekend. INKY SMILES!

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Spring in New York City

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At a recent event called THINGS WITH WINGS, we created cards with lots of beautiful butterflies, bees and spring colors. This card uses the Butterfly Die from Stampin' Up! These are some papers that I had in my stash. I loved how all of these soft colors came together on this card.

This card used the stamp set GREAT FRIEND and INSPIRED BY NATURE. Two stamp sets that I LOVE!

BUZZIN' BY was featured on this card. I had the patterned paper in my personal stash.

At the Stampin' Up! Convention in 2008, we learned this cool and very easy technique to make a pop up card. It can be used for so many different things...bugs, numbers (BIG 5-0), martini glasses...

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Do you LOVE cake?

5/27/2009 09:04:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound / comments (0)

I love, love, love my Big Shot! I have been using it for almost every stamping event at The Mecca! I am addicted. Lately, I have been creating the paper pop up cakes from the brand new EXCLUSIVE Three Cake Tier Pop Up Cake XL Die! I held a class using this die and people LOVE it!

I enjoyed missing my Stampin' Up! products with some beautiful papers that I had in my always growing stash! I loved the Spring look of this cake and can't wait to send it to someone special!
As I look at my cakes, I plan to eventually add some embellishments to them to "jazz" them up a little bit! If you love 3D projects and cards that have some flair, check out this cool die for your Big Shot! Don't have a Big Shot...don't wait...CLICK HERE!

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A Special Gift from Eileen!

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I always adore the jewelry that my friend, Eileen, creates. She always shows up wearing a new, stunning piece and I drool! I dropped enough hints about really, really wanting one of her newest works of art. Recently, this pendant showed up in the mail. On the back is a bail that acts as a pin as well as a loop for a necklace. Thanks, Eileen! You always inspire me!

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Check out Stampin' Up! on YOUTUBE

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Recently, Stampin' Up! came up with a new, easy way to teach stamping and scrapbooking techniques. They have tapped into the very popular YouTube. I am so excited to see all of the amazing "how-to" videos that they have to offer. It is also a way to learn more about the wonderful woman-run company and the great products to help you in your creativity! Be sure to check out all that you need to know on the Stampin' Up! Channel at YouTube.

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

5/26/2009 10:46:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound / comments (1)

A few weeks ago at my friend Laurel's Meetup Event, we made cards using these amazing stamps from The Stampsmith. This John Lennon Stamp is one of their newest stamps and I was lucky to be able to use it. My wonderful crafty pal, Eileen, had it in her collection and it was perfect for a birthday card for my dad.

Little did I know at that time that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in NYC would have having a special tribute to John Lennon in their exhibit. I thought it was a perfect opportunity for my dad to come to visit. He has been a Beatles fan all my life! I grew up listening to (and sometimes grumbling about) the music. There were times that I thought my dad may have believed he WAS John Lennon. Dad was more than thrilled to come up to check this out. We had a wonderful evening that he said was very "memorable". That night with my dad is one that I will never forget and I sure he won't either. I miss him as we live states away so I cherish each of these special times with him. As I grow older, I grow closer to him as we share the same love of food, sense of humor and appreciation of music.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you SO much and wish you many, many more...

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Check out MATT LOWELL!

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A few months ago, at a Jeffrey Gaines concert at BB King in New York City, I had the privilege to hear Matt Lowell share his musical talents with a packed audience. I am a huge fan of musicians such as Jeffrey Gaines, Jack Johnson and John Mayer. Matt has that same flavor in his great rhythms and lyrics that really get you thinking!

Matt is playing a show in NYC on June 6 at 8pm at The Living Room. I am excited that this show is Matt's and he is the FEATURED musician that night! I plan to be there with my friends and hope that you will come out and support Matt! CLICK HERE to order tickets!

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Happy Graduation!

5/13/2009 11:14:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound / comments (0)

My dear friend at PS2, Nancy, ordered this card for a special gal that is graduating. I enjoyed making it for her. I plan to give it to her tomorrow and hope, hope, hope she loves it!
I am ALWAYS more than happy to make any papercrafts (cards, scrapbooks, favors, etc.) to help YOU personalize your occasions. Please email me at fluteprincess619@yahoo.com if I can ever help you to make your memories even more special!

Stampin' For Soldiers

5/10/2009 08:00:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound / comments (0)

My friend and super talented downline, Laurel, hosted a wonderful meetup on Friday. We made cards using The Free and The Brave Stamp Set to give to the troops as a token of thanks for all that they do.

I made this card and really enjoyed using the markers on this stamp set.

Marty made this card. We were all very impressed with the details in his coloring.

Another creation made by Marty!

This one is mine! I loved using the stars in the stamp set and the star punch!

This card is mine and was inspired by cards made by Laurel and Jeimy!

This card is simple and clean looking with a stamped image colored in with watercolor wonder crayons.