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Please take a moment to go to my NEW blog www.gothamcitystampers.com

Day 6 of DREAM Charter School Creating Your DREAMs

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Today I am featuring cards made by two of the wonderful DREAM stampers. The top three pictures are cards made by own very own Sara!

The last picture shows pictures made by Shannon-a wonderful first grade teacher at DREAM! She's an all around wonderful person! GO Shannon!

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Happy Holidays from Heidi

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I want to wish all of you an amazing holiday! I am so thankful for Stampin' Up and the experiences that this company has brought to me. I wish all of you and my FABULOUS team, The Gotham City Stampers, a peaceful day with family, friends and LOTS of glitter! I am who I am because of all of you...love, ink and hugs....

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Day 5 of DREAM Charter School Creating Your DREAMs

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Everyone was so excited to learn new stamping techniques. It was fun to see how people used those ideas to create cards that were all their own. LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE SMILES!

Traci (our DREAM Director of Operations) is so proud of her cards. She is a stamping expert!

Our sweet Marty worked to get Shannon caught up on what we were doing. Shannon LOVES stamping--she's a natural!

Marty, Shannon and Wayne munch snacks and get those beautiful holiday cards done!

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Day 4 of DREAM Charter School Creating Your DREAMs

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I am showing the stampers the right and wrong way to use the Stampin' Up! punches. I LOVE teaching these basic techniques to new stampers!

Traci, Crystal and Lisa LOVED picking out patterned papers for their one-of-a-kind cards!

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Day 3 of DREAM Charter School Creating Your DREAMs

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Wayne is really enjoying creating these cards.

Here I am explaining and teaching another card that we will be making.

This is Traci, our wonderful Director of Operations at DREAM. This was her first time stamping and I think it's fair to say that Traci is HOOKED! She did such a nice job on her cards--elegant, classy creations with nice, clean lines.

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Day 2 of DREAM Charter School Creating Your DREAMs...

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Here is another action shot of our holiday stamping. Check out the intense technique that Traci is using!

Everyone was having a really nice time relaxing together. It was a great afternoon of laughing and getting ink on our fingers. I am so lucky to have this amazing opportunity to share my love of stamping with these amazing people.

Here is a beautiful card that Sara created to celebrate Solstice.

Wayne put a creative twist on the holiday cards. I love his use of the three ornaments with the pop of orange.

Wayne is a really creative and down-to-earth guy with an contagious laugh! It was so much fun to stamp with him.

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Marty's Sunday Sketch #8

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Well, this is week 8--can't believe it! I am so excited about the edgy New York City sketch that Marty created this week. He loves to sneak off to the craft room and make his little creations. He then snaps a picture with his Blackberry and emails it to me. It's fun for him and I look forward to getting his cute email.

This is the sketch for this week. I thought for sure that our design team would make lots of city skyline cards. I was amazed as they emailed their designs to me this week! They are all so different and so beautiful. We would love to hear your comments and have you add your card.

You can do so by linking here:


Created by Heidi Davenport


Created by Eileen Bellomo


Created by Pat Tillery


Created by Jen Nagel


Created by Heather Franz


Created by Jenny Bonet


This is a card designed by Jen Nagel inspired by Sketch #7.

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Holiday Cards-Stamping at DREAM Charter School

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I am really enjoying my new school! There are so many positive aspects to working at DREAM Charter School, mostly the staff. There are really amazing, intelligent people working there. I recently started an after school stamping club for the staff called CREATING YOUR DREAMS.

We meet twice a month after school to learn new stamping techniques and projects. It is a fun way to spend time together being creative and getting to know each other better.

Our first session together was spent making holiday cards. It was a blast and everyone really enjoyed getting inky and being creative. Many of the stampers had never stamped before and most are quickly becoming addicted.

I took many pictures that afternoon and plan to post them over the next few days. I hope that you will stop by and check them out. I would love to hear your comments!

Here we are! Check out Sara, Wayne, Heidi, Traci and Crystal as we get started on making 12 holiday cards.

Getting ready and picking our cardstock colors. So many beautiful colors to pick from.

Everyone is working really hard--not sure about the face I am making! ha ha

Sara, Traci and Crystal are having such an amazing time! Check back tomorrow for more of our stamping pictures...hope you leave a comment!

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Cute Butterfly Card

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A few months ago, I got together with my wonderful friend (and stampin' sister) Corris. Corris is a member of my Stampin' Up! downline. We met to do a shoebox swap at the Sony Atrium in New York City. At that event, I had the pleasure of meeting Kim who is a member of Corris' downline. This beautiful, happy card was designed and shared by Kim. This is my version of her card--so cute!

I am so drawn to butterflies and anything purple. I was thrilled with the choices of stamps and colors that Kim made. This was a really fun afternoon of crafting, girl talk and a lot of laughing! Thanks ladies for a perfect afternoon.

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HAPPY FRIDAY Stampers! I wanted to shift gears a little from my holiday cards to a really fun card card using the RAZZLE DAZZLE stamp set.

The main image was really fun to make. I colored directly on the rubber using four different colors of markers. This card has an elegant feel with a little fun, colorful twist! I would love to hear your comments and thoughts about this card!

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Beautiful AUTUMN Card

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With a few days left in Autumn, I wanted to feature this card. Every month a group of us gather for a fun shoebox swap where we all design a project and make each other's projects. It is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with. This beautiful card was designed by one of my friends and wonderful Stampin' Up! downline, Jenny Bonet. I made this card but it's a direct copy of what Jenny created--I loved her original design so much. If you want to check out some more of Jenny's creations, check out her blog at HEART TO ART CREATIONS.

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Our Kitchen Makeover

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I have spent two years whining about our small kitchen. Boo hoo-ing and complaining as many of you know! Marty and I have been on a redecorating kick in our Manhattan apartment. We decided it was time to spice up our little kitchen! We are still working on reorganizing things in the cabinets and getting rid of things we don't use. Marty spent ALL day yesterday painting and moving things around. Thrilled to say that I LOVE IT!

Here are some pictures of our BEFORE and now--the finished (well, almost) product!

We picked this fun orange-brown color--for those of you Stampin' Up! folks--it can be compared to PUMPKIN PIE! Very spicy and warm! LOVE it! 

Marty hung our new pots/pans on the side of the cabinet. Their copper bottoms look really cool against the new paint color. 

Marty moved around our microwave a little and scooted the spice rack to the other side of the kitchen. It frees up tons of room. He painted a wasabi green color on the opposite wall of the kitchen. (I will post pics of that some other time.)

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen--the lightswitch which I attacked with alcohol inks and this cute coffee cup stamp from Stampin' Up! It just adds to the funky fun of the our new kitchen! Hope you enjoy it--would love to hear from you!

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