My Stamping Room...The MECCA

12/09/2008 05:47:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

I LOVE to organize. It might be because growing up everything had a place in my parents' home. Even now, mom keeps things in tip-top shape! I like order and I want to know where everything is. Unfortunately, I have lived in five different places in two years. My normal routine each Nov/Dec has been a quick packing of boxes and moving for a variety of reasons...none of them being part of the witness protection program! This has left me in disarray for quite some time. Finally...we signed our lease for another two years in our apartment that we LOVE! This has allowed me to finally feel at home so...let the organizing begin. Mart has also gotten the organization bug...he was cleaning out closets today and throwing away things that we didn't use. Nice.

I love crafting! Anything that has to do with's all me! I also teach stamping and scrapbooking classes in our apartment. I hold classes in the Stamping Mecca. The name of the room was created by my dear friend, Corris, quite some time ago. It stuck and has remained a place where people come to create. All are welcome...those new to the craft and those of us who have been doing it for 10 years!

Here is the new and improved Mecca. It isn't quite finished but it is certainly close. Eileen says it will always be a work in progress! are the pictures! Enjoy!

Marty looked through our kitchen cabinets and found all of these neat glass bowls, cups, etc. I used them to organize supplies in a pretty way!

This is the view from the door of the mecca. I am happy with how things turned out. Everything has its place and is easy to get to. That table is where I hold classes!

A bulletin board displays cards/projects made by members of the stamping group and members of my Stampin' Up! downline. There is a card there from MOM. The cabinet is huge inside and holds lots of supplies that don't need to be out of display. It is actually a wardrobe closet from IKEA.

My working space...markers, ribbons, punches, lots of supplies.

Here, Marty used inexpensive rods and baskets from the kitchen area at IKEA to organize my punches. They used to all be thrown in a basket and I never used them. Now, I have something punched out for almost every project.

In New York City, shopping is done FOR FREE on the sidewalks. Some neighborhoods (mine included) have great sidewalk finds on trash day. People move or get something new and get rid of things that are taking up the very little space that we NYers have. This dresser was a sidewalk find and works great. It holds LOTS of supplies and even some of Marty's trumpet stuff!

Eileen scored the green shelf for me as another sidewalk find! It holds my stamps organized into themes. The cardrack holds all of my completed cards. They are for sale and/or can be used for inspiration!

The computer area complete with new desk from IKEA! I love the color and sleek, cool lines!


Comment by Donna Schafer on March 10, 2009 at 9:02 AM

What a wonderful room. It's definitely an inspiring place in which to create projects! BTW, if I may say so, the front of that dresser (I can't believe you found that on the sidewalk!) is just perfect for some Decor Elements...

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