Wonderful Friends Create...

12/13/2008 08:50:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

Today, I have so much fun creating wonderful projects with Melissa, Jennifer and Betty! There was so much excitement as they saw the new and improved MECCA. Heat guns and embossing powder were flying and stunning projects were created!

Jennifer created these two beautiful candles. Stamping on candles is SO much fun and is so easy to do. She made them as gifts but I know it will be really hard for her to part with these beauties.

Melissa came over and created her holiday cards today. Thank you SO much to Hilary who helped us from across the miles. Melissa is so happy with the cards...anyone who gets one is truly lucky.

Betty made these happy candles as gifts for the holidays. She was up to her ears in stamps and inks and was smiling the whole time! I love crafting with Betty...she always makes me laugh!