We have landed in Salt Lake City!

8/03/2009 11:53:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

I am so excited! I have landed in Salt Lake City, Utah with several of my teammates. Melissa, Jenny B, Eileen, Pat and I arrived here earlier today. We spent all day roaming around SLC. We first stopped to eat FABULOUS cheeseburgers right after we checked in. We hopped on a random trolley to see where it would take us! We stopped for drinks, shopping and some fun pictures. We ended our day with amazing food (again) and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

CONFESSION--we snuck into the SLC Convention Center to see the behind the scenes setting up of the upcoming Stampin' Up! Convention. We can't wait!

Tomorrow is another full day of sightseeing! Now, off to bed!

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