You've Been Framed!

4/07/2009 05:02:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

This class was SO much fun! We collaged plain white picture frames using lots of patterned papers and embellishments! Corris cracked up when she put herself in her frame! Besides her big smile, her frame was gorgeous! At this point, she wasn't quite finished but was having a great time posing!

Alexei came back after some time off from stamping to have her brand new baby boy. We missed her and were excited to have her back at the MECCA! Her gorgeous frame will be perfect for a wonderful picture of little Knuckles.

Corris' finished frame with JUST the perfect picture! Too bad we can't hang it on the wall just like this!

Corris and Yvonne pose with their frames. Corris signed Yvonne on as a demonstrator a few months ago. She is a positive addition to our growing team!

NYC's finest photographer at her best!

Here I am hard at work covered in Mod Podge! Yvonne says the smell of it makes her smile...reminds her of crafting at the MECCA! Too funny.

I used some beautiful paper and punched out squares. It is a frame for my sister, Ashley, but I haven't seen her lately to give it to her. Maybe I need to cave in and put it in the mail. I always love giving handmade gifts in person but sometimes you just can't. (I miss Ashley...)

STILL working! I love any type of altered projects. This one was really fun and I spent the day with great friends. Eileen was there, too! Her frame was amazing but I don't have pictures of it.


Comment by Corris on April 10, 2009 at 8:23 AM

These photos are sooooo funny! hahaha! What was i drinking ... er, i mean thinking!! LOL Had a great time that night. See ya soon! Corris

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