Flip Flop Album

4/06/2009 09:11:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

My principal and dear friend, Alexei, had a beautiful baby boy and I was looking for something crafty and sweet to make for her. I thought a brag book would be something great. She could fill it up with pictures to carry in her bag. Every new mommy needs a book to share with friends and family!

I made a book for her called a Flip Flop Album. This project was found on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website. I used papers from several different companies. Alexei loves earthtones and these colors, textures and designs looked like something she would love!

This is the inside of one of the panels of the book. It is called a Flip Flop Album because of all of the "flipping" and "flopping" of the pages and panels.

There are many cool places to put pictures and journaling inside this mini scrapbook!

This is another panel! I love how all of these colors worked together!

Here is the book opened up but all of the panels are closed. She LOVED this gift!

I love how the book looks all closed up. One you open it, it is FULL of beautiful papers and hopefully...pictures and stories! I will have to ask her to bring it over to the MECCA to show me how she filled it all up!