Funky and Edgy Technique Cards

8/19/2008 05:01:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

These are 3 cards that I made today with some fun and funky techniques.
I guess when I look at them, they are a bit edgy!

Stamping with
Vellum and Pastels (Chalks)
Stamp the image on vellum in black ink.
Color the design on the back of the vellum using Stampin’ Pastels.
When you mount your vellum on dark cardstock, it helps to chalk with bright colors on the back of the vellum. This way the colors will POP!

Mosaic Tile
Taken from

Mosaic Tile - Swipe a piece of resistant (laser or photocopy) transparency with embossing, pigment or heat set ink. Add UTEE and heat, repeat 3 - 4 times. For added interest, sprinkle in glass beads, Ultra Effects, Mini Mosaics and a variety of UTEE colors in the last layers. When totally cooled, bend the transparency to crack off pieces of UTEE. These pieces can be added to another surface and collaged together into a mosaic using Wonder Tape™ , Liquid Pearls™ or Stickles™. For best results, lay down pieces of Wonder Tape and fill in between the pieces (mortor) with our Liquid Pearls dimensional paint or Stickles dimensional glittery glue.

Salted Background
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Press the lid of your dye ink into the pad OR squirt a few drops of re-inker into the lids of your stamp pads.Spritz the glossy cardstock with water using your spray bottle.Using the Aqua Painter™, pick up some color and smear it on the cardstock. Repeat with other colors. You can do squiggles, lines, swirls, or spots of color.
Sprinkle the cardstock with salt, then spritz again with water. The colors will blend a little more now.
Allow your background to set up, either by air drying or by using a heat tool.
Next, use your fingers or a paper towel to brush off the salt crystals. A slight haze of salty water will still remain on the cardstock, which you can now use as a fun background!

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Anonymous on August 20, 2008 at 4:03 PM

I had so much fun making those cards in class. Can't wait for tomorrow night for "edgy" cards, part 2, lol.

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