WOW! I love Cards and Stamping!

3/27/2008 09:29:00 PM / Posted by Heidi Bound /

WOW! WOW! WOW! It was so much fun to stamp these cards with a bit of WOW with "both" Melissas, Paola and Laurel on Wednesday night. WOW! Cards are those that literally have a wow factor and make us say "oohhhh" and "aaahhh"....

Ballet Melissa makes her version of the sparkly butterfly card. These great Carousel Notecards are from Stampin' Up! Paola said "Hey, you could make those on the Cricut!" She is so right but SU! sends along enough of those delicious chocolate chip square envelopes for each card.

Laurel is quite the stamping and cardmaking expert now. Don't let her tell you otherwise. She is working on a WOW card with some interesting folding. I loved the pop of aqua velvet ribbon that she added to her card. Laurel always has a way of making her cards extra special.

Melissa is lovin' making that shaker card using the new Essence of Life Stamp Set from Stampin' Up! I designed it using a clean and very classy color scheme which everyone really enjoyed!

Melissa's Shaker the special touch of the beautiful butterfly. Very simple and classy!

Paola WAS here tonight even though she isn't in any pictures. This is her gorgeous version of the glitter card. I love how Paola used the rub-ons in such an interesting and beautiful way on the left side of the card.

This is MY card! I designed it with "Ballet" Melissa in mind. She loves color schemes that are beautiful and very tastefully put together. This card was simple yet it was a "TOY"...Melissa's words as she SHOOK the card! ha ha!

This card involved some simple yet really effective folding. I love brown and pink together. Nothing beats a nice combo of velvet AND satin ribbons!

My card! I am so thankful that Michael Trent taught us how to color in images with glitter. It takes a little time but it is so worth it!


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